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The Conference

In the year 2021, Malaysia records 22.3% of rural population with a significant proportion from East Malaysia. Geographical challenge has always been a limiting factor for equitable healthcare provision in East Malaysia, hence Sarawak was chosen to host the 1st Global Surgery Conference.


1st Global Surgery Conference aims to create awareness of the concept, empower healthcare professionals, build a uniform understanding of how Malaysia is doing and serve as a veritable platform to share best practices, experiences, knowledge as well as an opportunity to strengthen networking between working professionals from all levels.


It is an inclusive opportunity for everyone who plays a role in providing surgical fields and anaesthetic care including specialists, medical officers, hospital managers, assistant medical officers, nurses, allied health professionals and paramedics.

We invite you participate, present your experiences & best practices in this inaugural event. The conference is organized by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, in collaboration with Society for Higher Surgical Education Sarawak General Hospital, Sarawak Perfusion Society, Post-graduate Obstetrics and Gynaecology Sarawak and Post-Graduate Orthopaedic, Kuching.

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