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Poster of 1st Global Surgery Conference - The New Dawn

Lancet Commission on Global Surgery was launched in January 2014, involving an international, multidisciplinary team of 25 commissioners supported by advisors and collaborators in more than 110 countries and six continents. It’s focused on reducing the gaps in accessibility and affordability of surgeries in low-income and middle-income countries (LMICs) by developing safe, essential, life-saving surgical and anaesthesia care. The aim is to reduce case fatality rates for common, easily treatable conditions such as appendicitis, hernia, fractures and obstructed labour by providing basic surgical care.

As Malaysia moves into the future, the Global Surgery initiative aims to ensure provision of patient-centred service and improving accessibility especially for remote populations nationwide.


Over the past decades, Malaysia has conducted numerous strategies and innovations to improve access to healthcare services, including surgery field and anaesthesia. Malaysian context of Global Surgery initiative portrays how Malaysia advanced by consolidating all surgical interventions and innovations conducted in the past, present, and future.  It shows how Malaysia improves accessibility and equitability to surgeries in various disciplines. This ranges from simple to complex procedures conducted in rural or urban communities, clinics, and hospitals, inspired by creativity and innovations by optimizing resources involving multiple agencies.

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Definition of Global Surgery

"An area of study, research, practice, and advocacy that seeks to improve health outcomes and achieve health equity for all people who need surgical and anesthesia care, with a special emphasis on underserved populations and populations in crisis. It uses collaborative, cross-sectoral, and transnational approaches and synthesizes population-based strategies with individual surgical and anesthesia care.”

(Byass P. The imperfect world of global health estimates. PLoS Med 2010; 7: e1001006.)

 “The global surgery framework shall establish the minimum standard for universal health coverage for surgery and anesthesia, embrace digital technology, connect the unconnected, harness creative ideas and innovations to improve deliveries and services of surgical and anesthesia care towards inclusivity and relevance for the present and future.”


(Director-General of Health Malaysia)

Surgeon in Malaysia
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Bellwether Access In Malaysia
WHO Global Iniative for Emergency & Essential Surgical Care (GIEESC)
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Strategy In Sustaining Trained District Hospital Medical Officers
Current Achievement
Global Surgery Implementation Strategy For Malaysia
Essential & Emergency Surgical List
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